Now Showing in The Robert F. Cage Gallery


Of Dragons and Fairies in the Cage GalleryShowing through March 31

Aliveness comes in many shapes and forms, the two extremes and opposites being good and kindness vs. meanness and evil. Both dragons and fairies come in shades of both. Having special powers, they habituate in their worlds as exactly one of those extremes.

Humanness shines through those two extremes as well, but it also carries shades of everything in between.

This exhibit underlines the magical aliveness, but sans moments of conflict and strife. It concentrates on the energy of kindness, curiosity, tranquility, and magic of life. Even when endowed with tools of fire and anger, the cup of peace and harmony so full that it runneth over.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 4, 5-7 p.m.

Exhibit runs through March 31

Find out more about the artists and the Opening Reception here.