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Fruland & Bowles, Inc. of Toledo, Ohio was contracted for project management, content development, space planning, concept design, research and estimation. They teamed with Project Arts & Ideas of Dearborn, Michigan in the development of the concept design segment of this world-class exhibit.

The Concept Design was completed April 12, 2006 and approved by the exhibit committee. The final panel design was completed on October 27. Two years of storyline research was finally completed in June, 2007. The exhibit Grand Opening was held on July 26, 2008 at The Prizery.

Douglas Powell is head of the ad hoc committe planning the exhibit and may be contacted for more information.  For more information on the project committee, click here.

Renderings of the exhibit design:

Floor Level
Front Entrance
Exhibit Panels Design:

American in Revolution
The Southern Campaign |   Map
General Greene Takes Command |   Map
The Strategic Retreat |   Map
The Race to the Dan |   Map
The Crossing of the Dan |   Map
Refuge Between Rivers |   Map
To Guilford Courthouse |   Map
Armies on Different Paths |   Map
An End and a Beginning
This Place in History

LarryRaceThe Race to the Dan - The Retreat That Rescued the American Revolution, by Larry G. Aaron. Published May 2007.

"The Crossing of the Dan was as significant to the southern campaigns as Washington's crossing of the Delaware. In fact, Greene's crossing of the Dan led more quickly to long-term victories than those at Trenton and Princeton. Greene's crossing led to Guilford Courthouse and, six months later, to Yorktown . . ." - Dr. Lawrence E. Babits, George Washington Distinguished Professor of History, East Carolina University, North Carolina

Proceeds for this publication have been donated by the author to the creation and upkeep of the Crossing of the Dan Exhibit to be housed in The Prizery at South Boston, Virginia.

Price: $18, includes $3 shipping; to order copies email Halifax County Historical Society.

Online Resources Describing the Retreat - Race - and Crossing of the Dan

Books On-line:
Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department of the United States by Henry Lee
The Life of Major General Henry Lee by Cecil B. Hartley
The Pictorial Field-Book of The Revolution by Benson J. Lossing
The life of Nathanael Greene, major-general in the army of the revolution by W. Gilmore Simms
The History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment of the Independence of the United States by William Gordon
Engineers of Independence by Paul K. Walker
The Papers of General Nathanael Greene, a project of the Rhode Island Historical Society
A Gallant Defense: The Siege of Charleston, 1780, By Carl P. Borick
An answer to that part of the Narrative of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, K. B. which relate to the conduct of Lieutenant-General Earl Cornwallis during the campaign in North-America in the year 1781, by Earl Cornwallis
Anecdotes of the Revolutionary War in America with Sketches of Character (1822), by Alexander Garden
Sketches of the Life and Correspondence of Nathanael Greene by William Johnson
The Campaign of 1781 in the Carolinas With Remarks Historical and Critical on Johnson's Life of Greene by H. Lee
The Writings of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
Nathanael Greene: An Examination of Some Statements Concerning Major-General Greene, . . ., by George Washington Greene

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The 225th Anniversary Celebration of Crossing of the Dan February 10-11, 2006
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The DAR "Retreat To The Dan" Memorial Dedication South Boston, Virginia - G-V, 2/10/99
The Daily Dispatch: May 31, 1862

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